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Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists is a family owned and operated business. With a great location and the best technicians in Arizona, we’re uniquely qualified to take on every car repair job you need.

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Auto Repair and Maintenance Services We Provide

Oil & Lube Change

As the lifeblood of your vehicles engine, it’s important to keep the oil in your vehicle clean and fresh. We will flush, check, change, clean, inspect and fill the critical systems in your vehicle to make sure it’s operating in peak condition.

Air Conditioning & Heat

In the heat of Phoenix, Arizona, it is absolutely vital to keep your air conditioning in working order. Let us inspect your A/C system and make sure you stay cool and comfortable in your vehicle.

Brakes & Braking System

One of the most critical components of any vehicle, your brakes must be kept it top condition in order to ensure safe operation. Let our professional inspect your braking system and make sure everything is in working order.

Tires, Wheels & Alignment

Tires, Wheels, and Alignment maintenance is incredibly important, as these components bare the entire weight/load of your vehicle while keeping you safe. Not only can worn or under/over-inflated tires cause steering control issues in both common and extreme driving conditions, but they can also cause severe braking issues.

And much more!

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We repair every kind of vehicle from coupes, sedans, and trucks to hybrids and diesel engines. Don’t let your vehicle drive you crazy—simply call us and experience how a family-owned auto shop can make all the difference!

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