Oil Changes

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Oil Change Services

Keep your engine clean with routine natural or synthetic oil change services in Phoenix, AZ

The auto mechanic’s secret to making your car last as long as possible is simple: get routine services done as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. One of the most important services you could complete for your car is to get regular oil changes. Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists in Phoenix, AZ provides both natural and synthetic oil changes for all makes and models. Whether you have a classic car or a hybrid SUV, we can service your vehicle.

Why do vehicles need routine oil change services?

Simply put, oil lubricates the different components of your engine to assist with everyday rotation of the pistons, valves, and other critical internal parts. There are many different types of vehicle oils on the market including synthetic blends and different viscosity weights. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, one type of oil might be more beneficial for you than another.

The most common oil recommended for ethanol gasoline vehicles is 5W-30. The digit before the W is a measurement of the oil’s viscosity, which is measured by how easily it flows at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the outdoor temperature is, the more your vehicle’s oil thins out and breaks down. This is why it is recommended to use higher weight oil in the summer months, such as 10W-30 or 10W-40. Our ASE-certified auto technicians will handle your car with the best care possible and provide it the correct weight of oil to keep all your critical engine components lubricated for everyday function.

How frequently does my car need an oil change?
Every vehicle is different, so refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer or an auto professional to find out how frequently you will need your oil change service in Phoenix, AZ. Most maintenance schedules recommend oil changes between 3,000 and 6,000 miles. For many Valley commuters, this could be anywhere from once a quarter up to twice a year depending on driving habits.

Take advantage of our oil change specials today to keep your car running in the best shape possible. Schedule your oil change service at our Central Phoenix location near 12th Street and Glendale Avenue. Our oil change specialists look forward to serving you.