Air Conditioning Repair Services

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Let Phoenix-based Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists Help!

Let the Phoenix A/C repair specialists at Kelly Clark Automotive help you stay nice and cool.

Is your A/C on the fritz? Don’t lose your cool in the Arizona heat—bring your vehicle to Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists — located on Glendale Avenue and 12th Street in Central Phoenix—for an inspection, diagnosis, or any service that may be required.

The fix could be as simple as recharging your vehicle’s refrigerant or as intricate as a new compressor. It’s important to note that your air conditioning belt drives many other components in your automobile. In other words, a broken belt can create bigger issues than simply an uncomfortable drive in the desert heat.

Let Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists help diagnose your car’s A/C issue and resolve it for you! Our auto repair experts have been helping residents of Phoenix, Desert Ridge, Paradise Valley, Glendale, and Scottsdale stay cool since 1954.