Car Repair Services & Maintenance

For over 90 years, Kelly Clark has provided Auto Body Repair, Maintenance, Tires & More for clients in Phoenix, AZ

Let Phoenix-based Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists Help!

Keeping you on the road since 1954, our Phoenix automotive repair specialists can handle any kind of auto repair you may need.

Whether you just drove your vehicle off the lot or you’ve been driving it for years, the best way to keep it running longer is proper prevention maintenance. While miles add up quickly and manufacturer warranties expire, our prevention maintenance helps minimize and often eliminates common failures over the life of your vehicle. Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists are dedicated to increasing your car’s reliability through regularly scheduled services. We refer to the manufacturer’s suggested schedule for all prevention maintenance.

Let Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists extend the life of your car by keeping it in tip top shape with preventive maintenance! Since 1954, our expert mechanics have been keeping residents of Glendale, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Desert Ridge, and Paradise Valley on the road.