Engine Maintenance Services

For over 90 years, Kelly Clark has provided Auto Body Repair, Maintenance, Tires & More for clients in Phoenix, AZ

Let Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists in Phoenix Take Care of Your Engine

Don’t let the Arizona heat ruin your engine. Bring it into the Phoenix automotive experts for proper care and maintenance.

Typically, automobile engines built in the last decade are exceptionally durable and reliable. However, Arizona’s intense heat often equates to shorter engine and transmission lifespans—especially if your vehicle is used for towing, off-road driving, or other heavy-duty routines. Plus, with our state’s spread-wide infrastructure, Arizonans tend to drive several miles each day, which of course puts even more strain on the life of a vehicle’s engine.

Luckily, Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists in Phoenix are fully qualified to replace or repair all major engine components for all vehicles from cars to RVs. Stop by and chat with us before you head to a dealership or shady car cemetery for your engine repair needs. For decades, drivers in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Desert Ridge, and Scottsdale have relied on us to keep their engines running smoothly.