A/C Repair

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AC Repair Service

When your car’s air conditioning system is malfunctioning, bring it to our family-friendly auto repair shop in Central Phoenix. Our certified technicians can inspect your system to determine why your system isn’t blowing cold or isn’t blowing at all. They will also look for and pinpoint freon or coolant issues. There are many contributing factors that can result in decreased efficiency of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and we will get you the answer you need.

It’s especially hot in Phoenix during the summer months, and as a driver, you want to stay cool during your commute and trips. Whether you drop by or schedule an appointment, our specialists will inspect, diagnose, and repair with your authorization for any service that may be required.

Auto A/C System Inspection

Our automotive specialists recommend you get your car’s air condition system checked at least once a year. We recommend bringing it in before or after the harsh summer months, so you can be sure that your vehicle is operating at tip-top shape. We offer a total air condition health inspection check for only $29.95 all year long.


Auto A/C Repair Factors

Besides vehicle age, your car’s air conditioning system may not be staying cool and blowing strong from other causes. Typically, your vehicle’s refrigerant (ie. freon) needs to be recharged. For others, the cause can be as intricate as needing a new compressor or a belt replacement that powers the air conditioner system and other engine components. Left unfixed, broken or slack belts can cause much bigger issues than a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.


Total Vehicle Health Check

When you come by to Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists, you have the option to have other engine components of your car, truck, SUV, or van checked out. Our technicians are certified to work on all makes and models to ensure your vehicle performs at its very best. Many customers who visit us for an air conditioning system check also ask us to perform additional services, including tire pressure check, tire rotation, or an oil change!


Have Our AC Repair Experts Call You!

We offer an over-the-phone diagnosis to those who are mechanically inclined. Provide us your name, phone number, email, and preferred method of communication, and one of our automotive specialists contact you for one-on-one consultation without bringing your car in!

    Our air conditioning system check for cars on average takes up to one to two hours. If a refrigerant recharge is needed, it will take much longer because the vehicle needs to be completely cooled for our technicians to properly recharge it. Once finished, you’ll be back on the road.

    Busy schedule? No problem. We encourage you to take advantage of our courtesy shuttle. Drop your vehicle off at your appointment time and we will take you to your destination until your vehicle is ready!

    We recommend our auto A/C repair health system check for anyone noticing a sluggish air conditioning performance. It is available to Phoenix-area residents for only $29.95 year-round. This is the first step towards pinpointing the cause.

    For those who need an air conditioning component repair, the cost varies on your make and model. We source all our auto parts from AAA, so you get the very best quality to keep your vehicle on the road longer. Our technicians will walk you through why certain repairs are recommended and will never strongarm you to make an uninformed decision.

    Benefits of Kelly Clark’s Automotive AC Repair Services

    • Easy Online Scheduling
    • Routine Oil Changes with Reminders
    • Dealership-Quality Work at Affordable Prices
    • Central Phoenix Location
    • Certified ASE Automotive Technicians
    • Rewards Card Program
    • Guaranteed Car Repair Work (1-Year Warranty)
    • Keeping Locals on The Road Since 1954

    More Than 60 Years of Experience

    Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists was first established in 1954 to keep Central Phoenix residents safe on the road by providing a wide variety of auto repair services. Our certified technicians undergo continual education to work on all types of makes and models to better serve you. Have a question for our experts? Give us a call!